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Crisis communications

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When things don’t go to plan, we’re calm in the face of a crisis, thanks to our journalistic values and experience which sets us apart from other PR agencies.

Over the years our team has dealt with some serious topics which have required a cool head and a reasoned response. We won’t panic but will always be responsive.

As a client contact, we’re fair and balanced – and can be trusted to provide impartial advice when our clients need it most.

What is crisis communications and
why do you need it?

Things go wrong sometimes. And that’s when having an experienced crisis communications team in place can be absolutely invaluable.

While public relations is about maintaining and enhancing positive brand awareness, crisis communications is about managing negative brand awareness and minimising a story’s effect on brand reputation.

PR professionals can liaise with media contacts, and quickly draft and issue accurate and up-to-date information. They’re also there to provide expert advice on what to say and what not to say.

Yes, there’s a crisis, but there’s no drama – and with the right advice the media spotlight will move on elsewhere.

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