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Content marketing

Expert copywriting

Great copy holds the power to inform, persuade, educate and influence behaviour, and this lies at the heart of what we do at Liberty PR.
Our team is driven by your beliefs, your mission and your values, as we consider key messaging, branding elements and the story you have to tell.
At Liberty PR, we devise fast, efficient, independent and flexible strategic marketing plans that will harness your company’s strengths and deliver your brand story with impact across multiple customer touch points.
Our team produces high-quality content for your websites, social media channels, email campaigns and newsletters. Whatever the medium, we will make sure your message is heard in the most effective way.

Our marketing services

Liberty PR offers a wide range of marketing services which includes:
  • Video
  • Social Media
  • Content
  • Strategy
  • Brand


Video has quickly become the most versatile and effective marketing tool, which is why we consider it to be an essential anchor to any marketing campaign.
As people are spending more time online, the demand for video has exploded, accelerated by social media apps such as YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.
Most algorithms are now designed to favour video-type content, as it typically generates higher retention rates and more engagement among users. And crucially, video is a powerful medium for delivering your story to your audiences.
Our team includes video production specialists who will create unique film that defines your brand identity in a way that is both creative and memorable.

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