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What is Liberty PR?

Liberty PR is an independent PR and marketing agency based on the outskirts of Market Harborough in Leicestershire.

Our team comprises a talented mix of trained journalists and certified PR and marketing professionals, who bring a wealth of experience to the heart of the ever-changing PR and digital media landscape.

Our mission is to drive audiences to your brand and engage them in powerful conversations throughout the customer journey.

We keep your business in the media spotlight by generating positive news coverage – but this is just the start of what we can offer.

As specialists in a wide range of PR and marketing services, we can connect your business to markets and key influencers across multiple channels to support your strategic goals.

Why Market Harborough?

We like to be at the centre of things – and Leicestershire, home of the geographical centre of England according to the Ordnance Survey, is as central as it gets.

Market Harborough lies on the south-eastern edge of the county – and this means wherever you are in the UK, we can get there, whether you’re in West Wales or East Anglia, the South Coast or Scotland. What’s more, Market Harborough is on the mainline from London St Pancras, putting the capital just an hour away by train.

It is thought Market Harborough was founded by the Saxons, who built a small village believed to have been called haefera beorg, meaning 'Oat Hill'. A market was established in 1204 which eventually led to the town’s modern name.

Market Harborough has been voted the best place to live in Leicestershire for two years running. The historic market town has everything you'd want in terms of shopping, amenities, and best of all, wonderful people – our team included!

Our team

Lisa and David founded Liberty PR in 2017, committing to a shared vision of building a business where growth and integrity go hand in hand.

They’ve built a uniquely talented team with a combined skillset ready for any challenge and with a track record of exceeding expectations.

Our ‘PR newsroom’ includes a mix of trained journalists and certified PR and marketing professionals, with a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience across multiple industries between us.

As a team, we’re committed to accountability, honesty and authenticity and we stand by our results. We love having the freedom to place these values above monetary gain.

As PR professionals, we have a passion for what we do and we can be relied on to do what we say. Reliability isn’t a byword for predictable, though, as we pride ourselves on the creative solutions we can bring.

We’re individuals, each with our own perspective to offer – and this is reflected in the agency’s targeted approach to our clients and the bespoke work we create to meet their specific needs.

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