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No PR campaign? That takes the biscuit

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You may be surprised, as I was, to know that May 29 is National Biscuit Day in the UK.

If this piece of information comes as news to you, then the biscuit industry is missing a PR opportunity and potentially losing out on making a packet.

There is a real appetite when it comes to the biscuit, and it seems, everyone has an opinion about one of the nation’s favourite snacks.

A passing comment, enquiring as to whether a custard cream is a fancy biscuit or not, has led to an ongoing discussion rousing passionate debate on both sides in the Liberty PR office.

Cogent, and at times, strident deliberations ensued.

“Custard creams are fancy because they have creamy stuff in the middle, plus they are embossed, which no other biscuit is,” argued one supporter.

“Intricate patterned design, delicious custard filling and essentially it’s two biscuits for the price of one – what more do you want from a biscuit?!” another asked incredulously.

“Look up ‘fancy’ in a thesaurus and you will find the words decorative, elaborate, embellished – all things that the humble custard cream, with its intricate design, can rightfully claim to be,” suggested a third.

But this reasoning was met with a force of equal and opposite nature.

“Never a fancy biscuit, cheap from the supermarket and I wouldn’t put out if I had friends over and we were having tea and biscuits,” said one detractor.

“If you’re ever going to get a free biscuit, it will probably be a custard cream. They’re also slightly bland,” was one blunt assessment.

“It’s a staple basic biscuit alongside chocolate bourbons and digestives (which are definitely not fancy),” was another harsh judgement.

A straw poll in the office has revealed empirical evidence that, despite sporting an elaborate baroque design and two halves sandwiching a creamy filling, the custard cream is not a fancy biscuit.

A hefty 78.5 per cent of our biscuit-lovers fancied that it was not.

Fans of the layered offering were left with few crumbs of comfort but swallowed their pride and accepted defeat.

Just as the hubbub died down, someone asked: “Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake?”

Get the kettle on, it’s time for some more important research.

In our own small way, we have shown how relatively simple it would be to produce statistics and garner consumer feedback that could be used in a marketing campaign to help defend the custard cream or encourage the nation to take time out for a cuppa and a biscuit and reveal its favourites.

Post it on social media and watch the posts fly in.

The message to the biscuit manufacturers of the country is clear – up your game to promote this special day and give us an excuse for yet another Hobnob.

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