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One thing I’ve learnt since joining Liberty PR

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For most, starting a new job is equal parts excitement and apprehension. New opportunities and progression are a good thing, but require confidence, trust and an embrace of uncertainty.

Here at Liberty PR HQ, we’ve been fortunate to welcome several new starters over the summer as we’ve continued to grow and take on new projects and clients.

After a big welcome and a chance to settle in, we’ve tasked the newbies and not-so-newbies with reflecting on their first weeks at Liberty PR, and to share what they’ve learnt since starting with the business.

From A to Z (literally), without further ado, over to Anna Marie, Kelsey, Kirsten and Zoe…


I’ve been working at Liberty PR for just over a month and it’s already been vastly different to my previous work in e-commerce marketing. After spending two years writing blogs, product descriptions and social content, writing press releases has been a welcome challenge. I always love learning new ways of writing and it has already helped me to improve my overall skills as a writer.

In addition to this, my organisational skills have improved dramatically, and I have enjoyed the diversity of my work. My biggest hurdle to overcome was my anxiety of speaking with clients, photographers and customers over the phone, and this is perhaps my greatest achievement so far, as I have gained a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities. I have been supported every step of the way so far and I am looking forward to my future with this company.


Over the past month, I’ve loved getting settled in at Liberty PR. Coming from an in-house marketing team, I was a bit worried there would be a big learning curve in my move to agency PR work. And there was – as there is with most new jobs. The industries we work in at Liberty are much more substantial and far-reaching, and filled with technical jargon. Looking beyond the terminology though, I was pleased, and somewhat surprised, to find out just how transferable my hard and soft skills were.

Being a clear communicator, writing effectively, having a fool-proof system for organising, being willing to put the time in and motivating yourself are skills that will take you far on most paths. They served me in marketing and will continue to help me at Liberty. This solid foundation gives me confidence and allows me to readily step up to the challenges of understanding a new sector, setting myself and the company up for further success.


As I settle into Liberty PR, I am learning that PR and marketing share many similarities; they both fundamentally express the art of storytelling. Story is the most powerful communication tool as it creates a map that customers can easily follow – they know where they are, where they are going, and who will take them on that journey.

Grounded within PR and marketing are clear brand houses that offer beliefs, mission, and values. These ensure that authenticity is never lost, and the connections built with clients and potential audiences are genuine ones. Liberty’s promise is to offer its clients services that are as bespoke as their needs, while keeping them in the media spotlight.

As I begin to produce marketing collateral for both Liberty PR and its clients, I am exercising my learnings. I have embedded my approach within research, planning and strategic thinking, practising a stepped-back approach, where I analyse the holistic view, looking at key messaging, branding elements, and story. When it comes to marketing, the message matters more than the medium, so having the time to clarify the story is pivotal.


Since joining Liberty PR at the end of July, my idea of working in public relations has completely changed. I have learnt that the job entails so much more than I imagined. There are so many different pockets to explore within PR and specifically within Liberty PR. One day is never the same as the next, which is something I did not expect when I joined.

I could be working on writing one or two press releases one day, to calling customers for testimonials the next day. I have learnt that I enjoy interviewing people. I am passionate about hearing other people’s stories and that is something I am able to do weekly – asking them questions they may never normally get asked and hearing the most powerful and inspirational answers which I know make them smile as much as they make me. The personal touches that PR brings are something I never would have expected when coming into this industry.

We’re always looking to hire great people. Interested in joining our team? Find current opportunities at libertypr.co.uk/careers.

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