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Positive PR campaigns enhance human connection during crisis

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For the past couple of months, a pause button has been pushed on our everyday lives. As a result, every single one of us has had to adapt, whether that is by working from home, relying solely on technology to stay in touch with your loved ones, or simply having to go without a trip to your favourite coffee shop.

Although some things might be on hold for now, several brands have refused to let this set them back and have quickly adapted to the unique situation. Amid the doom and gloom, these companies have found new ways of connecting with consumers to ensure they stay relevant, and their understanding of the importance of PR and marketing has helped them to do this.

Take drinks company, Innocent, for example. Known for its captivating campaigns, the company has come up with yet another successful idea – sending free postcards to customers’ friends and family. The consumer only needs to go onto the Innocent website, personalise a card and fill in the recipient’s details, and the rest is done for them.

The cost to the company is minimal but the gesture has a lasting impact. The campaign has taken a simple idea, put the Innocent name to it, and helped its audience achieve the one thing people are craving the most – human connection.

Many other companies have also stepped up to the challenge. As the doors to restaurants across the country closed, the teams behind them have continued to work hard. Big names such as Wagamama, McDonald’s and Pret have been engaging with their customers by sharing the secret recipes to their much-loved creations.

Some have been hosting ‘cook-a-longs’, while others have encouraged people to share their own attempt at the dishes on social media. By doing this, they have ensured their name will be seen more widely on the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. With an estimated 3.7 billion people using these channels, it is safe to say this has helped these companies to remain at the forefront of people’s minds.

Another brand making the most of the current situation is the National Trust. Its parks might have remained shut, but its online presence has been stronger than ever. Inspired by VE Day, the charity launched a ‘share natural acts of kindness’ campaign, in which people took the opportunity to share positive photos, comments and creations online. Not only has this provided a source of entertainment for the viewers, it has allowed the trust to start conversations with its social media followers – arguably one of the most important tools for any consumer-facing business today.

In a time where things seem unpredictable and confusing, we should applaud the companies which have recognised the importance of communicating in a thoughtful, imaginative and relevant way. Their ability to think outside of the box and remain flexible has helped them to create impactful campaigns which will be remembered by their audiences for years to come.

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