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PR needs you! How to make headlines by identifying great PR opportunities

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Although our main focus with media relations is generating great coverage for clients, we also like to spread the word about the benefits of PR. Laura and Lisa recently ran a training session on the role sales advisors have to play in finding PR opportunities – and we thought their advice was too good to keep to ourselves…

Whatever your job, we understand you’re busy. Thinking about PR opportunities might seem like just another task on your to-do list. But companies which do PR well and get great coverage of their brand often have employees who ‘get’ PR throughout the business.

Whether you work in sales, or production, or have an admin role in head office, you are the ears and eyes on the ground for your PR people.

So what type of thing should you be looking for?

If you’ve got a customer-facing role then you’re probably best placed to pick up on potential news stories. Case studies featuring satisfied customers are a great way to inspire others to consider your product. If you’ve got a happy customer, then you want to shout about it!

Sales advisors in the construction or motors industries, for example, are in a great position to know about newsworthy or quirky events in their customers’ lives. These can make great copy.

But it’s not just those in a sales role who can pick up on potential PR opportunities.

If you work in production, do you have any interesting product news? At a new homes development, for example, are there any new facilities which will benefit the wider community? The opening of facilities such as a play area, cycle path or shop is likely to interest the local paper.

Meanwhile, the business pages are often full of articles about promotions, new appointments or people marking milestones in service. Don’t forget to suggest this if there’s some news along these lines in your office or workplace.

The way that young people are being trained to meet the changing needs of business is also frequently in the news. Any young trainees or apprentices working in your organisation might make an interesting employment case study.

And finally…

Is anyone raising money for charity in your workplace? Whether they’re organising a cake sale, or training for a marathon, there’s a news story there. Ask them if you can flag it up for coverage.

In short, is there anything positive happening at work that you think is interesting enough to mention to friends or family? Then it might be worth mentioning to your PR people too…

Need help identifying PR opportunities for your business? Email hello@libertypr.co.uk.  

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