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Five things I learned in my first week of working in PR

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So, I’ve survived my first week working in public relations! Liberty PR is the first PR company I have worked with, and being a recent graduate, I’ve found there is always something new and exciting for me to get my teeth stuck into. I thought I’d put together a list of what I’ve learnt so far…

Detail is key

If there is one thing you need to know before joining the PR industry, it would have to be how important accuracy is. This applies to everything we do as an agency, from emails to press releases, as making mistakes directly impacts on our reputation. Read, read and read it again. Oh, and then get someone else to read it before you publish (you can never be too careful). At Liberty PR, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. Having high standards makes sure that your clients can rely on you for accurate, well-thought-out public relations work.

I don’t always make the tea and coffee

Contrary to the rumours, working as the office junior doesn’t translate to tea maker! Instead, during my first few days, I was very much included with all that was going on. Whether you are a director or fresh out of university, I’ve found Liberty PR really makes you feel part of the team.

The relationships you build are the most important thing

It might be well known already but it’s true – PR is all about creating solid relationships. Building trust between your team, clients and the media is the most important thing to do and is something you should always be thinking of. You’re looking to prove to everyone you work with that you can put together strong and reliable content.

Every task you do is helping you to improve your skills

As the office junior, you are not necessarily going to be handed certain tasks. At times you may feel like you have all the odds and ends, but don’t forget that every task you do is teaching you something about the industry. Experience is so important, so chuck yourself in to any task. Remind yourself that everyone around you has also been in your position at some point and they are helping you to succeed.

You can never have enough sticky notes

Finally, the most important thing I’ve learnt this week is that you can never, ever have enough sticky notes. I’d never known the importance of them before I worked in PR, and I’m not entirely sure how I ever got anything done before…

Blog written by our newest recruit, Olivia WhaleyTo find out more about working for Liberty PR, please visit our careers page

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